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High-temperature transfers for sanitary ware.

Fixative DB340 for Underglaze decals

1. General Information
Underglaze decals are applied onto the rough unglazed object. Decals adhere often insufficiently on the unglazed substrates, therefore a fixative is required between the decal and the substrate surface.

2. Application
Apply the fixative onto the decorated object with a brush or a sponge. It is necessary to apply the fixative as sparingly as possible, but enough to position the decal onto the substrate surface. Also please pay attention for an even distribution of the fixative over the area to be decorated with the decal.

Application of the decal on the treated area. After positioning underglaze decal on the object it should be pressed on with a squeegee, from the inside to the outside. We recommend also to wipe off the remains of the dextrin (gum slime), water and fixative with a dry absorbent cloth. After a reaction time of approx. 1 hour, the fixative gives the necessary adhesion of the decal onto the substrate surface. At room temperature the ware has to be dried approx. 12-16 hours. If the transfered decals have been overprinted with our special screenprinting covercoat for underglaze decals the decorations can be be fired with only one fire. Otherwise a interim firing is necessary.

In detail:

1. Fire Technique
Glazing of the substrate and following firing together with the glaze. Depending on the glaze we recommend firing temperatures of 950 (1742) - 1250°C (2282°F) . To prevent glaze cracks, we recommend a preheating to 150 (302) up to 180°C (356°F) of the decorated substrate before glazing.

2. Fire Technique
Interim firing of the substrate with the applied decal. An interim firing, depending on the type of substrate, can be done beween 800 (1472) and 1100°C (2012°F).