Tadema Designs (2014) Ltd has a vast range of high profile clients which include: The BBC, The Princes Trust, Richard Branson's Virgin Challenger and The National Trust. We also print for royalty - a few examples are a Prince Andrew & Fergie birth plate, Windsor Castle dinner plates and the Queen of Bahrain's dinner service.


The origin of Tadema Designs dates back to Reuben Hague who moved to Stoke-on-Trent in 1906 to work as a freelance china painter. He painted a large number of tiles for export, and many were used in the palaces of eastern potentates. The subjects were very large for the period, representing life size mermaids and other mythological figures. Following this, Reuben moved on to designing ceramic pieces for Thomas Hulme and the Universal Company. Earlier concurrent with his apprenticeship, he attended the Derby College of Art. Like so many Derby artists, he was very fond of watercolour paintings - landscapes in particular. Later he again worked for Royal Crown Derby on a freelance basis, painting the well-renowned portraits and reproductions of the Old Masters. In 1946 Reuben trained his son Douglas, already a ceramic designer, to become a skilled portrait painter. Just over 20 years later (1969), Reuben Hague passed away.

Following on from his father's success, Douglas Hague attended the Hanley Art college and was apprenticed as a ceramic designer for Thomas Hulme (transfer manufacturers). In 1951 he moved to Ben Capper (also a transfer manufacturer), where he worked as a main designer with Harold Capper. In 1970 Douglas successfully set up his own company, Hexagon Studios, a pottery company manufacturing giftware and mainly Shire Horses with all leather harnesses. His clientele was international with buyers coming from all over America, Canada and Europe. As the company steadily moved towards ceramic transfer printing, Douglas decided to set up Tadema in 1982 to take care of all such work. A sister company, Artisan Studios, was also created to deal with film, artwork, design and separation. Gradually both companies merged due to changing technologies and now everything is done under the Tadema name.

Tadema remains a family-run company, with both Jeff and Jacqui utilising the skills and training passed down through the generations.